This book is a call to action.
You must change the way you look at your government,
and the economic things you look at will change...

Learn how to recover our nation's wealth 
using "Wolves And Their Prey".
Let us show you how...

Success and Economic Peace Within a Nation
We can Undo Decades of Reckless Leadership

We cannot wait for Wall-Street, Main Street or our Government to make these economic changes for us. The young adults of this nation must take the lead and fight for their economic future, while also protecting the economic and social rights of one of our most important assetsour seniors.
Dear Friend,
I've come to know economic peace in my life. Because of this knowledge, all of my concerns, problems, accomplishments, and accumulations diminish in importance. In this book we will elaborate on principles of success and your economic wellness. If these principles are mastered and practiced on a daily basis, it will guide this nation into a new pro-active economic changes. 
The secrets in this book are valuable for anyone who has decided to consciously be on the life path to economic change. Each of us makes that choice depending on our individual income. This secret applies no matter what your position in life. 
 Our most pressing challenge today is how to seize our economic imperfections and change them into productive economic values using innovative legal tools that will enhance the Constitution and the people it serves. 
 Americans must come to understand that our leaders are trying to resolve our nation’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. The solutions that worked yesterday, will not work today. We need to get Washington working for us again .Young and old Americans must work together to make sure that Americans continue to be constitutionally protected. 

There are many challenges that were outlined in this book, and they are good a starting point. They're small battles that must be won.These small battles will be fought over the next decade. Knowing how to win these battles will help us be in a position to win the war of inequality.
How to Economically Empower Our Nation
We Have Many Challenges as a Nation   Which We Cannot Either Ignore 

 There are some who view the problems of our national debt and our race problems as being too large and complex for our comprehension, much less as being within our ability to resolve.  

 Without your help, this country will pay a high price for its disconnectedness. Refusal to face these major challenges forfeits our economic and legal control over our individual destinies. We will also be paying a high price for the collective fate of our children’s economic future.

 We challenge you to learn the truth about your rights to demand constitutional changes. You, the reader, must focus on your understanding of your economic and business rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  

In this book we have revealed how to empower our nation. We have also demonstrated how an innovative and unique approach to our immigration and naturalization laws will resolve America’s immigration problem. 
Viewing the Problems of Our Nation
This Country's Disconnectedness
A Call To Action
Empowering A Nation
A Call For Action It's Your Choice
Finally, we have the tools we need to start gaining control over our economic future. These tools include suggestions for personal and collective actions that make a difference. We have realistic, concrete solutions to some of the most difficult challenges facing our country. 

 Only when millions of us stand up and face the facts that our system is in crises, then, and only then, will we seek an end to the reckless policies that have mortgaged our future. 
Feeling economically unplugged?

Tired of watching your future get trashed?

Ready to make a difference? 

Dear Reader,

   Our Constitution gives citizens the right to lobby the government for economic change; it doesn't come with instructions. This book shows you how it's done. It provides a practical approach to influencing the decision making process in Washington. The economic, political, and social decisions made in the capitol of the United States affect billions of people, trillions of dollars, and are the rules by which our government and its citizens does business. Knowing how to improve your income and knowing how our government works, what motivates it, and how to have your voice heard in the proceedings are essential skills at every level of society today.  
The biggest challenges facing the next generation- from solving the job crisis to creating a sustainable, economically sound environment.
How this next generation will be stuck paying for the 13.5 trillion national debt, failing schools, and a broken social security system. 
Why we could face a generational war with the older generation.
Wolves and Their Prey is a cutting-edge advocacy handbook that has the best alternative information for voters when it come to economic change in this nation. 
Wolves and Their Prey: Who's Guarding Our Nation's Wealth?
Shows You:
Wolves and Their Prey
DWho's Guarding Our Nation"s Wealth
Intergenerational Transfer Of Wealth 

Rather than fight the same tired battles that have dominated our nation for decades, it's time citizens try something new. Let's invest in ourselves without leaving a mountain of debt. Let's meet our responsibility to other's as a nation. 
This is more than just a self-help book, it is a guide to your economic wellness. It will confirm to you that every citizen who walks on American soil needs to have a constitutional responsibility to this Union. Our Constitution is a living, timeless and breathing entity. It is more than just words on paper. It is the soul and heart of our American way of life.
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  Wolves and The Prey Who's Guarding Our Nation wealth: Will be Available the first Quarter of 2011