"Wolves and Their Prey", was written to convey how Americans can obtain their vision of becoming economically and psychologically sound, regardless of their ethnicity. Americans can accomplish their economic successes by taking advantage of the hidden financial and political tools established within the Constitution.
There are four major visions within this book that will bring economic stability to your families.
The first of these visions: is hopefulness, where optimism and expectations of economic fairness are the rule. .........................................
Secondly: is the vision of our destiny, where the protection of our civil liberties and prosperity are the driving forces of our lives.........................
Third: is the vision of becoming a noble nation. This is what will differentiate us from other nations. .............................................................
Fourth: is the vision of becoming a pro-ethnic society, where multi-ethnicity is our American heritage and our way of life. .........................
Wolves And Their Prey Is A Consumer Advocate Handbook For The Next Generation
With Knowledge We Can 
“The Cause for Hope and Honor”, was written to convey to you how each of us can obtain our vision of becoming economically and psychologically sound in this country, using the economic tools designed in the Constitution for that purpose. 
 “The Rustling of True Conservatism",is primarily intended to bring to light the lack of leadership within our political system. It will show how both political parties have rejected the theories of true conservatism and are hijacking our nation’s assets. 

” Reverse Discrimination: The Boomerang Effect”, will reveal the source of reverse discrimination. What some Caucasian men are feeling today in the workplace regarding discrimination is legitimate. But the correct legal phrase for what they are experiencing presently is racial discrimination, functioning in reverse. 

 “The Deception of Entitlement”, will examine the incoherent nature of our country’s immigration and naturalization policies. This chapter will also focus on the unfairness and lack of equality of taxation and representation within the American population with regard to America’s distribution of wealth,taxes, and responsibility.

 “The Cancer from Within”, will expose three types of white collar crimes. The first is constitutional white collar crimes. The second is governmental white collar crimes, which were perpetrated by both President Abraham Lincoln and President Andrew Johnson. The third is white collar crimes committed within the private sector. 

Every Penny In This Nation Counts
This handbook has concentrated on the five most prominent 
and pressing issues of the day
Our Responsibilities are Constitutional Gifts that are Given to Us at Birth. 
 Originally we planned to write this book for family members and friends. Our goal was to make a self-help book which would give our families and friends a new economic perspective on life. But, after an exhaustive ten year research of the economic benefits within the Constitution, we discovered that it is the citizens who have the responsibility to be the "Guardians of Our Nation’s Wealth”. Only then can we assist millions of Americans to become economically sound.

With this significant information in hand, we realized that this wealth of information was too important not to share with others. The sharing of this wealth of information has become our constitutional duty.

One Nation
The bottom line is that many Americans still refuse to accept the fact that we are a multi-ethnic society. Our legal systems and the Senate should also reflect these ethnicities. Collectively, we are all members of this nation, and what economically affects one ethnic group will eventually effect the rest of us.

 We cannot and should not rely on the politicians and government alone to solve our economic problems. 
Change The World
When will we wake up to the fact that we are crippling our economic future by allowing the next generation of American workers, parents, and citizens to grow up in poverty.
In 1645, one vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England. 

In 1649, one vote caused Charles I of England to be executed. 

In 1845, one vote brought Texas into the Union. 

In 1868 , one vote saved President Johnson from impeachment.

In 1876 , one vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency.

In 1923, one vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership of the Nazis.

In 1941, one vote saved the draft a few weeks before Pearl Harbor.

In 1993, one vote saved President Clinton's budget package.

As Americans We have a responsibility to our families, as well as a duty to our country, to create the atmosphere of expectation. 
Wolves and Their Prey is a cutting-edge advocacy handbook that has the best alternative information for voters when it comes to economic change in this nation. 
Robin Hood For The Rich
Most of our federal entitlement programs, including those for seniors, have become a form of government support for the middle and upper classes. Less than 12 percent of total federal benefits go to those at or near the poverty line. Only about one-eighth of federal dollars for social spending serves to lift the poor above the poverty line. That is inexcusable.  Are we truly a nation under GOD? 
Where Is The Balance
  In 1991, more than 40 percent of federal benefits (tax dollars) went to households with incomes of over $50,000. The government wrote checks for $115 billion to people earning more than $50,000 and $30 billion to $100,000 earners. That is only 20 percent of the population. 
The Underprivileged Paid More In Household Taxes
   Overall, the rich actually get more in federal benefits than the poor. In 1991, the government paid out an average of over $100 more in benefits to households with incomes over $100,000 than to those with incomes under $10,000. If you add tax deductions, those earning over $100,000 received almost 63 percent more in benefits. 
I have seen too many of my fellow Americans who have worked hard, paid their share of taxes and not advanced in their position economically. These men and women are educated, but they do not know their constitutional rights or how to apply them in a business like fashion. 
Sharing of Information 
No Incentive For Economic Change
Due to no fault of their own ,the older generation were raised during the wealthiest periods in American history. Our government was more efficient in the use of their tax dollars and in delivering many of their basic promises. These promises included a decent education and the raising of the individual living standard, as well as personal security. Therefore, when it comes to the expenditure of our nation’s wealth, the older generation has little or no incentive to make the slightest of fundamental changes in Washington’s economic policies, which is understandable . 
Wolves And Their Prey
Who's Guarding Our Nation's Wealth 
Dreaming of Prosperity
The most difficult task in the writing of this book was how to personalize the wordings within the Constitution. It became imperative that we make these constitutional words come alive within the hearts and souls of all Americans

Personalize the Words
For More information on The Consumer Advocate handbook contact us at:Wealthrecovery@hotmail.com
For More information on The Consumer Advocate handbook contact us at:Wealthrecovery@hotmail.com